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Study title


Smoking Status


6 residential visits of 3 overnight stays & some return visit



This study is to look at how the test medicine is taken up by the body when taken by mouth. The test medicine has been taken by people before and is already marketed in a different form.

Schedule information

  • Screening visit: Thursday 27th, Friday 28th August, Tuesday 1st or Wednesday 2nd September
  • Pre admission visit: Wednesday 9th September
  • Residential visit 1- admission 9PM, discharge AM: Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September
  • Return visit: Monday 14th September
  • Pre - admission visit: Tuesday 22nd September
  • Residential visit 2- admission 9PM, discharge AM: Wednesday 23rd - Saturday 26th Septembre
  • Return visit: Sunday 27th September
  • Pre admission visit: Friday 2nd October
  • Residential visit 3 - admission 9PM, discharge AM: Saturday 3rd - Tuesday 6th October
  • Return visit: Wednesday 7th October
  • Pre admission visit: Friday 23rd October
  • Residential visit 4 - admission 9PM, discharge AM: Saturday 24th - Tuesday 27th October
  • Return visit: Wedesday 28th October
  • Pre admission visit: Thursday 12th November
  • Residential visit 5 - admission 9PM, discharge AM: Friday 13th - Monday 16th November
  • Return visit: Tuesday 17th November
  • Pre admission visit: Tuesday 1st December
  • Residential visit 6 - admission 9PM, discharge AM: Wednesday 2nd - Satursday 5th December
  • Return visit: Monday 7th December
  • Follow up visit: Monday 14th December


Ruddington, Nottingham


£4,420 - £4,520 plus 20 travel allowances

Aug to Dec 2020

Ruddington, Nottingham

£4,420 - £4,520
plus 20 travel allowances

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