Who are Quotient?

Developing medicines of the future

Through clinical trials, people like you, have helped us to improve and develop treatments for asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome and many other conditions.

  • Historic volunteers


  • Highly qualified staff in Nottingham


  • Years of experience in clinical trials


30 years’ clinical trial experience

Quotient Sciences are world experts in running clinical trials, supporting medical advancements and making them simpler for sufferers to take. All new test medicines undergo rigorous testing before they can be prescribed or sold and the clinical trials we run are part of this process.

We have 28 years’ experience operating clinical trials, during which time we have been involved in the development of medicines for many key health issues facing the UK today and have developed specialist knowledge in developing once-a-day medicines and inhaled medicines.

Every day, our nurses evaluate and monitor the health of our volunteers

Ensuring your safety and well-being

Our state-of-the-art clinical unit is based in Ruddington, just outside Nottingham, and features the highest quality facilities and equipment, ensuring your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Your safety and well-being is our primary concern and we have highly qualified staff, including doctors, nurses and technicians at our unit 24 hours a day. We are approved and regulated by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), who approve and monitor all clinical trials in the UK. The MHRA also regularly reviews every detail of how we run our trials to ensure the safety and comfort of our volunteers. An independent ethics committee also reviews each trial that we conduct before it begins.

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About Quotient Sciences

Quotient Sciences is a leading drug development services provider, focused on helping our clients reduce the time and cost of bringing a drug to market

  • Quotient Sciences was founded

    in 1991

  • Today we employ

    over 800 people worldwide

  • We have two clinical units

    housing 245 beds

  • In both units, we’ve completed

    more than 1,300 trials

A world leading reputation for developing medicines of the future

We integrate drug formulation development, GMP drug product manufacturing and clinical pharmacology services and work with many of the leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Established in 1991, we employ over 800 staff and operate from state-of-the-art manufacturing and clinical facilities in the UK and USA. We have completed over 1,300 Phase 1 trials and can support our clients by working under FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guidelines. We offer a full range of support services, from study set-up right through to data analysis and reporting.

Visit our company website at https://www.quotientsciences.com/

For sponsors

At Quotient we are building a culture of volunteer centricity that makes us the number one choice for volunteers wishing to take part in clinical trials

  • Access to a regional population of

    approximately 10 million

  • An active UK database of over

    8,500 healthy volunteers

  • Retention to study completion over


Our dedicated recruitment team ensures timely and full enrolment of subjects for your clinical program.

We pride ourselves on our altruistic approach that underpins everything we do. Volunteer satisfaction before, during and after their stay is our primary focus. Our altruistic recruitment messaging is also helping us to recruit a higher level of quality applicant. 

Volunteers as partners

Our commitment to volunteers goes beyond other Phase 1 units. We have developed a ‘Volunteers as Partners’ approach, which focuses on volunteer centricity at all stages of the journey with Quotient Sciences.

To ensure we are the number one choice for volunteers wishing to take part in clinical trials we have formed a Volunteer Advocacy Panel consisting of active volunteers and dedicated staff members. This ensures that we continuously deliver an independent and volunteer-centric view of our processes and documentation, through feedback and open forums.Volunteer centricity

Advantages of this approach to volunteer engagement has given us the following benefits:

  • Improved volunteer satisfaction, resulting in a high proportion of repeat volunteers
  • Excellent compliance and treatment adherence
  • Clear and concise documentation that is well understood by our volunteers
  • Excellent recruitment rates
  • Enhanced volunteer retention on study

If you want to be involved or simply to find out more about our Volunteer Advocacy Panel please get in touch.