I’ve met some amazing people through the years

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Coming to Quotient is like coming home

My name is Belinda and I have been a volunteer for Quotient Sciences many years now and love being on the studies. I wish I had started earlier in my life but what you don’t know, you don’t know!  

But now am in the know, I see Quotient Sciences We Need You all over the place - on buses, the radio, the cinema and even jobs fairs I have been to.

I’ve met some amazing people through the years and many are friends for life. It’s like coming home.

The staff are great - familiar faces and surroundings help me to relax and enjoy my stay there.

I always take some craft materials with me to do while I am on my little break in there. The entertainment is well thought out too and it keeps you engaged until you get your delicious home cooked meals. Be warned though as the portions are substantial and there is also pudding! Plus, there's no washing-up to do.

My father told me he didn’t understand why I wanted to volunteer for paid clinical trials. However, with a full MOT at every screening, I feel fitter than ever! You have to work at remaining a ‘healthy volunteer’, so even when not on a study, I take care of myself – I watch what I eat and drink and stay as fit as I can.
I reassured my dad that if any adverse effects arise, the nurses and doctors are straight on it. Although, I have only ever had a headache in the clinic and I attributed that to coming off caffeine – again not a bad thing!

Taking part in clinical trials has enabled me to buy cars,  carry out refurbishments to my home, take holidays abroad, become an entrepreneur and retire earlier than planned .... check me out!

I now spend my spare time travelling the world and also“House and Pet Sitting” in other people's homes - this means having cuddles with pets at the same time as having free accommodation in some amazing homes in the gorgeous countryside - plus still find time to volunteer for paid clinical trials.

I like to fit in two studies a year. Although I am in the later years of life, there are still trials for me to take part in for my age group;  I feel fortunate to be still healthy at 62 and I am pleased to be a medical hero!

I would highly recommend getting involved with Quotient Sciences, clicking on www.weneedyou.co.uk really did change my life! A referral fee is paid to you if you recommend someone you know who then goes on to complete a trial with Quotient Sciences as well.

What’s not to love about Quotient “We Need You” ? That’s what I heard on the radio and that is what got me started on this awesome journey.

They really do need all of us, so please start your journey whatever your age – you really can change the world!

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