I am funding my next African adventure with the clinical trial payment

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Jacky heard about Quotient seven years ago on the radio and decided to give it a go

My name is Jacky and I love going on adventures.

I heard about Quotient seven years ago on the radio and I decided to give it a go. Not knowing much about clinical research and drug development process, I was a little apprehensive about taking part and so were my children. But the more I found out about the process and regulations in clinical trials conduct, I realised, I had nothing to worry about. It also helped that the other volunteers at Quotient and the staff were all lovely, even the food was freshly cooked and tasty (we all love the chef).

I have participated in over eight trials now and will keep doing them for as long as I am eligible. Some people ask me why I take part in clinical trials and when I explain how my contribution helps to bring new medicines to market, they tell me I’m a silent hero. I do medical trials because I know any pioneering treatment found for any medical condition is a good thing and I am proud of how I contribute. The money I get paid is also very welcome.

I have made many friends and we have made fun things in Elaine's craft sessions, her quiz, bingo and board game sessions have made us laugh until we've cried. At the moment I am on a trial with some of the friends I have made (Hi girls… love you all). This is a very well paid trial and if you’re wondering what I’m planning to spend the money on – well, let me tell you…. I am funding my next adventure… My African adventure. I'm going to attempt to climb Kilimanjaro in February next year.  I want to climb it because it's there and I need to do it before I get too old. I have been walking for many years with a lovely walking group. I've hiked "The West Highland Way" and I've dragged my son up many mountains, but Kilimanjaro is by far our biggest challenge.  Kilimanjaro at 5,895 metres is the world’s highest free-standing Mountain.

I have a sister, who is suffering from cancer so I've decided to try and get sponsorship for Cancer Research Charity. We have a Just Giving page and if you would like to contribute please click here. Any sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

If anyone would like to know more about my climb please feel free to ask me questions. I will do an update blog when I have completed my challenge for anyone interested in knowing how I've done. I will also give you my sponsorship grand total.

Well, that's it from me for now. Thank you for reading.


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