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    Check your eligibility

    To take part in one of our trials you must be healthy, aged 18-65, with no medical conditions.

    Here are the requirements you need to match:

    • Over 18 years of age
    • Living in the UK
    • Registered with a GP in the UK for at least twelve months
    • Generally fit and well
    • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Free from a history of taking illegal drugs, or alcohol abuse
    • BMI between 18 and 35

    Check your eligibility when applying online:

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    Getting started

    The first step is to submit the online application form. Once received we will contact you about your induction. If all details are OK and you want to go ahead, then we can add you to our Healthy Volunteer Panel and you can then be considered for upcoming trials. During the induction you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and we’ll also provide you with an information pack. 

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    Choosing a trial

    Once you have passed your induction, you become a member of our Healthy Volunteer Panel. This means you are eligible to take part in our clinical trials, providing you meet the criteria.

    As we start to recruit for each new trial, we review our volunteer panel for suitable candidates. Anybody who fits the criteria e.g. age, gender, weight, BMI etc. for a specific trial, is then sent information about the trial and asked to contact our Recruitment Team if they are interested in participating. Trials often fill up quickly so the sooner you are able to let us know of your interest the better. You can also keep checking our clinical trial list for one that suits you.

    When you get in touch our Recruitment Team will ask you additional questions to make sure this is the right trial for you. If you are eligible and still interested, they will invite you in for a screening visit. Before you attend your screening visit, you will receive an email from our us with the Participant Information Sheet (PIS) and related information video attached. Please ensure you read it thoroughly before you come in for screening as it includes all relevant information available about taking part in the trial. If there is anything within the PIS you are unsure about or would like more information on, please ensure you ask one of our doctors at your screening visit or contact the Recruitment Team prior to attendance. You should receive the PIS and video at least one working day before you attend screening, however if you do not please contact the Recruitment Team on 0330 303 5000.

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    Your screening appointment

    Before you take part on any trial with us, you will need to come into our unit for a screening appointment. A screening is simply a medical examination to check whether you are suitable for the clinical trial that you are interested in.

    This will include:

    Your information session if required

    Typically, this is a group information session where a doctor or nurse will go through the trial in detail. This is so that you can make an informed choice on whether or not you want to take part.

    Your consent

    If you want to go ahead you will have an individual, one-to-one appointment with a doctor or nurse to go through any questions. You will then be asked to sign a consent form, giving us permission to carry out a medical examination to make sure you are medically suitable for the trial.

    Your medical examination

    The medical examination is like a full health check. It covers things such as checking your height and weight, along with blood and urine tests to check for tobacco and drugs of abuse use. We will also perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) test to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. We will ask you questions about your health and medical history. We will also confirm this by requesting full information from your GP. This will ensure you are not included on a trial that is not suitable for you.

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    During your stay

    Our centre offers a relaxed atmosphere in very pleasant surroundings and our friendly team do their best to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

    Here is what a typical trial may involve:


    We normally ask that you come in the day or the evening before you will be dosed with the trial test medicine. There are often some tests to confirm that you are still OK to take part.


    On the morning of dosing it is often an early start, sometimes 6am, or occasionally, earlier. There may be more tests, often checks on blood pressure, heart rate and possibly blood and urine samples. We usually give you the trial medicine sometime between 6am and 10am.


    Each trial may vary as to timings and frequency of meals. For example; breakfast may be a couple of hours after we have given you the test medicine or sometimes you will get to eat first. All the details will be in the information sheet given to you for your individual trial.

    During your stay with us

    The morning when you are given the test medicine is pretty busy, there are lots of measurements to take. But you do not have to do anything more than relax on your bed, as we do all the work. The measurements tend to become less frequent as the day goes on. Often by the evening you will be able to socialise in one of the lounges with other volunteers.

    On days when you are not being given the test medicine, you will be able to make the most of a bit of quiet time. We will still need to take some blood samples and do other tests, but it is much less intense than on the dosing days.

    Our highly-qualified team are on hand 24/7 to keep an eye on everything and answer any questions you might have, but you can sit back and relax, play some games, watch DVDs or play some pool and table tennis.

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    After your trial

    Your trial may involve follow up appointments or phone calls that will happen after you have completed your residential stay in clinic and you will be aware of this before you take part in the trial.

    Your payment

    Once all appointments are completed, most payments will be in your bank account via electronic transfer (BACS) within 21 days.

    The payment you will receive for taking part in a clinical trial can vary from trial to trial depending on its length, number of overnight stays, procedures undertaken and the number of return visits.  Under strict guidelines, this is never calculated based on risk, only inconvenience.

    We also pay you a travel allowance for each visit you make to us. The amount is fixed and is calculated based on the distance travelled from your home address to our clinic.

    Depending on your personal circumstances, part of this payment may be taxable if it exceeds the allowance threshold set by HMRC. Participants are reminded that they are responsible for their own tax affairs.