It's such a treat to pick up clinical trials at Quotient!

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Jayne participated in many clinical trials since 2011

I'm Jayne, a vintage stockist. Having participated in many clinical trials since 2011, I'm constantly curious as to which trials are available on Quotient's website. It's such an easy way to pay for life's little extras - retail never sleeps! The clinic is like a retreat for me, which pays me to be a guest! 

I heard about Quotient by word of mouth and I applied for a clinic tour. Being situated in Rushcliffe Country Park, in Ruddington village also, it appealed instantly as I love the great outdoors!

The unit itself has a pleasant, welcoming feel; a number of lounges, soft seating, recliners, but essentially warm and polite volunteers and staff across all professions. It's easy enough to drift in and out of socialising. Volunteers who gravitate to clinical trials you'll find are a pleasant, upbeat and polite bunch with a broad variety of interests where friendships are easily forged. Large TV screens featuring Sky are in all lounges, suiting all tastes. Personally, I’m made up for a sit-in with the sporting greats; Wimbledon, test match cricket, rugby, athletics and more! Hey but there are films and favourites a go-go!

It's so lovely spending time with people of all ages - playing table tennis in the open air courtyard, shooting pool in the airy conservatory. Sometimes a team strikes up. Sometimes a novice steps up. And sometimes you're whooped. Time to read the papers! Daily newspapers and broadsheets are a treat and a big time catch up in the clinic.

I find it easy to do lengthier studies. Many pull a quickie - two or three days - and can't wait to get back.

Time flies and Chef's multi-choice menu is well anticipated. Scrummy food is freshly prepared and the aroma floats down the corridors. Sometimes, the rarely spotted cornflake tart and custard lands on my tray. Hey ho! There are lighter options; one eats well inside clinic! Lunch munch is a meal-deal type affair or soup. Plenty though! Yes, one is very well fed.

Which brings me to what it's all about. I value my health. Many people with illnesses can't get through a day the way most of us take for granted. There are a few dietary restrictions just prior to admittance - a small ask - I'm glad to be part of kicking some of these miserable illnesses off the face of the planet. Making medical history is just around the next corner.

The medical team a Quotient constantly monitor heart rate, blood pressure, bloods, temps etc. - if anything was amiss with my health, they'd find it! EARLY! Invariably, the test medicines are already on the market. As trials are passed by an ethics board, I'm good with it. 

I usually opt for four-figure allowance trials. I've received many allowances ranging from £1000-£3000 per trial. Just for a week or two! That's Glastonbury sorted, Trent Bridge membership, a city break, a night at Rock City, a night at the opera, a lotta lotta dancing. And a posh picnic or two in the Dales!

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