Quotient has a genuine community of like-minded volunteers – I feel right at home when I am here.

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While at Quotient there is always something to keep you occupied.

I came to hear about Quotient on the radio. I had done one trial previously in London whilst working there a few years previously when a colleague had said he was going to do one.

It was a trial to see how a new test medicine reacted with alcohol (in a controlled environment of course!) Well, as my father had been a long-time sufferer of the intended treatment, I did the only thing I could – help advance the medicine. A time when people around me felt helpless – I felt like part of the solution – that money cannot buy!

Once back living not far from Nottingham and working in Nottingham I heard an advert whilst driving at work… that jingle stuck in my head – great bit of marketing!

My first trial was obviously a bit more personal with it testing for medication which could potentially help a loved one. But after this, I realised that obviously all medicines needed development & the tiny amount of the test medicine that the volunteers take is generally so small that I used a portion of my annual leave to help pay for a little holiday.

I have recommended a couple of friends who now also do clinical trials. When they realise that it's generally only a few days out of your life & the environment, staff & other volunteers are more like an extended family than a clinical environment then they too have recommended to others.

I've made several friends whilst doing trials & occasionally I've bumped into the same people from previous trials which is always good to settle you in for your new stay & have a catch-up.

Quotient has a genuine community of like-minded volunteers – I feel right at home when I am here.

I have no problem with who I tell about doing the trial as generally once they realise how little of the test medicine you take & the good that you are doing for the future then they soon forget that initial 'fear of the unknown’.

When I’m in the clinic there is plenty of choice for mealtimes, although obviously not Michelin star - the food and service are always good quality.

It can be fun trying to remember what you've ordered if staying for a week or more when you've ordered upon arrival but you're never disappointed with either the quality or portion size, and I certainly never have had pudding with custard at home as often as when at Quotient – my waistline wont thank you for that!!

While at Quotient there is always something to keep you occupied.

A TV in the lounge attached to each ward with all Sky channels will keep you busy! Along with the fact you can bring your own laptop or tablet with you.

The table tennis & pool table is available for the more active & during the week an afternoon quiz or bingo passes at the time and gives you the chance to catch up with Volunteers from other wards. It’s also a chance for the very friendly staff who liaise with you to answer any questions you may have.

Their liaison officer is on hand daily to check in – make sure you are as comfortable as you can be.

She’s happy to take on feedback & any comments you have about your study – payments – and return visits. You really are made to feel like a valued member of the panel and not just a number!

In general, I will finish by saying that all of the people I've met whilst doing clinical trials are just normal, everyday people from many different parts of the country.

Just helping the development of future treatments whilst topping up their income which is a bonus!

I'd recommend that anyone with a few days spare at any point during the year take a look into this – a New Year's resolution as it were - I can't see any downside! A little break, a bit of extra cash & a full, free medical check over every time!

Might see you on my next visit!

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