"Which is the best clinic in the country for volunteers overall? Has become easier and easier to answer to anyone who has asked me - the answer is Quotient Sciences".

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I have been a volunteer for medical clinical trials now for several years!

I thought I would do my testimonial with a different spin on things!

I have been a volunteer for medical clinical trials now for several years, the one question that I am perennially and increasingly asked, by both new and seasoned volunteers alike is "Which is the best clinic in the country for volunteers overall?"

Some of the key factors that quickly come into play are centred around the fact that the majority of clinical trials involve spending time away from home. Sometimes, significant time away if that’s what suits your life schedule. It is perhaps, because of this, that the inconveniences involved in volunteering begin to quickly then boil down to one of comfort. 

The logic is that if you are spending days, weeks, or even months away from home, then surely, you would wish to do so in a comfortable environment! It is with these thoughts in mind that in recent years I have come to realise that the answer to "Which is the best clinic in the country for volunteers overall?" has become easier and easier to answer to anyone who has asked me - the answer is Quotient Sciences.

Quotient Sciences is an outstanding medical trials clinic from a volunteering standpoint. As a company, it understands and addresses almost all the concerns a volunteer would have in regard to alleviating inconvenience and increasing comfort. Due in no small part to having a designated and highly committed Volunteer Liaison Officer who is always approachable and listens to suggestions of where things could be improved.

The many positive changes Quotient Sciences continues to bring about for volunteers, I have no doubt because their Volunteer Liaison Officer truly makes our voices heard. 

 I will list just some of the key reasons I and so many other long-time volunteers find ourselves increasingly encouraging anyone interested in doing a clinical trial to make Quotient Sciences their first choice:

Car Parking - Surprisingly many trial clinics do not have such a simple yet crucial facility for volunteers who will be traveling from afar and staying for lengthy periods of time. Unlike many other clinics, Quotient Sciences has ample car parking and takes away the stress from volunteers who drive.

Activities - The choice of activities and entertainment at Quotient Sciences is second to none and continues to expand. You will not be bored as a volunteer. Pool tables, Xboxes, movies, group games and activities, access to hot drinks, etc Not to mention you can bring your own entertainment in the form of laptops etc.

Food - Not much else screams comfort more than food! (at least to me!) One of the biggest incentives for volunteering at Quotient Sciences in recent years is the food. It is the only clinic I am aware of that gives volunteers a choice in the food they can eat in the form of an extensive menu. You could stay for over two weeks and not eat the same meal twice! That is how extensive the menu is. At other medical trial clinics, you have no choice at all.  Furthermore, the quality of the food at Quotient Sciences is truly excellent. Fresh ingredients and meals made on-site make it very hard to volunteer anywhere else once you have experienced this.

Laundry Service - Again, something that is overlooked by many other clinics and, as such, comes as a very welcome surprise to volunteers staying for the lengthier trials!

Staff & Clinic - This is another area where Quotient Sciences is distancing itself from other trial clinics. With increasingly modernised, refurbished, and expanding wards and the unbelievably friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable staff, volunteering at Quotient Sciences feels extremely rewarding. Volunteers are treated and made to feel like valuable partners throughout. This is an area many other trial clinics need to improve. Too many make volunteers feel like they, the volunteer, should be grateful for having been accepted on a trial?! Contrast this with Quotient Sciences which refers to volunteers as "heroes" and treats them accordingly. You are also made to feel safe and always cared for.

Financial Reimbursement - Volunteering comes at a financial cost. In general, most medical trial clinics pay similar amounts for studies in general (based on length of stay) but vary significantly when it comes to travel payments and initial screenings. However, Quotient Sciences recently increased volunteer payments across the board! Screenings, travel payments, reserve volunteer payments to the actual study payments themselves all received a significant increase. In my observations, Quotient Sciences is the best-paying medical trials clinic in the UK by some margin now. 

It is for these, and so many other reasons I have no hesitation in answering that Quotient Sciences is "the best medical trials clinic".

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