Quotient is a great place to be - they care about their volunteers' experiences.

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After you’ve done one trial – you’re all in & you will do another – and another!

My name is Matt, and I thought I’d share a slightly different perspective on doing the trials with Quotient -  here goes – strap in!!

You’ve probably read several reviews already, mainly focusing on the food, outside areas, and staff these are important when on a study and they do become your world - the little things do become the big things!

But my story is sharing with you how I felt on my first ever study with Quotient Sciences. After you’ve done one – you’re all in & you will do another – and another! it’s easy to forget how nerve-wracking that first ever time was!

So, a few years ago I happened to glance at a poster on a tram advertising Quotient.  Hmm I thought - it looked intriguing, earn a few quid while chilling out in bed?!! Sounded too good to be true but could it be true - It was!

Logging on at home, I complete the application, and a few lifestyle questions – do I drink? smoke? nothing too invasive – so I clicked submit.

A few days later I was confirmed on the panel and studies began arriving in my inbox!

Checking dates and passing the screening questions with the recruitment team I was booked in!!

After the initial consultation and checks at the screening I was given the all-clear to attend my first trial, bag packed, and off I went to the station!

Although I’d read up about what to bring in, I still managed to bring more clothes than I needed. All I needed was underwear, a towel, a pair of shorts.

 Next, what happens on arrival?!

A welcome to the ward talk was given – to prepare you for dosing day & what to expect from your time with Quotient Sciences.

You’ll get a menu - enjoy choosing your food, you’ll find yourself looking forward to mealtimes like never before.

Talk to your fellow volunteers, go in the lounge, and have a natter.  However long you’re in, it goes quicker if you’ve made a couple of pals early on, some of these pals become real friends and it's likely you will see them again and again in the clinic!

Listen to the ward talk. This is where you’ll find out the order of the procedure, and when it all starts - and if you’re still not sure, ask. The staff are great, they know what they’re doing, and they’ll tell you what you need to know. It’s transparent – what they know – you know – there are no surprises! 

I was a little scared when I was asked to lie on the bed and prepare for the procedures. A ward full of strangers and very high-tech machines bleeped continuously! But the staff were great and reassuring with a great bedside manner.

Anyway, got the first couple of days out of the way and worked out a rhythm to the days that followed. The trial was quite easy. Nothing that I couldn’t handle!

Completed the study, met some really interesting guys, and got paid - exactly what the tram poster said – no scam – real life!

Three months later I was back again. This time, asking questions, worked out where I needed to be, and felt a lot more confident about being there.

It is a great place to be -they do care about their volunteers' experiences.

Please do read the other reviews for why people do it, we all have our own experiences.

But if you take anything from my ramblings, it’s that you should do it for your own reasons and certainly won’t be overwhelmed the first time you come. You only do your first time once!

As it happens, I’ve become interested in the trials themselves, you’d be surprised at how personal they feel when you take the time to learn a bit about them.  You do feel like a medical hero!

Anyway, that’s my take. Hope this helps you decide to become a member of the panel!

There’s a good chance you’ll bump into me on a Trial sometime, please do stop and say hello!

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