Refreshing to see smiling faces all around!

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Life as a regular Volunteer!

So, out of my washout period, I was browsing on the Quotient website and saw a trial that fitted in with my diary - I phoned up and arranged for a screening after answering a few simple questions, it was straightforward.

I turned up on the allotted time and had a COVID test straight away took 10 mins, I then had a few vitals done, ECG, urine test, etc, and was fully informed what would be expected on the study.

I answered a few questions about the study that showed I was aware of the test medicine that I would be given with and its procedures and what would be expected of me.

All questions I asked were answered, a few days later I got my results, and I was offered a place. Within a week of screening, I met the criteria they were looking for!! I am in!!

On the day I turned up at 8 am – into the new volunteer reception – very swish! I was shown my bed, and I did a few more pre-dose tests – I was nervous – but the staff were great and put me at ease immediately.

I passed everything with flying colours and on the second day, I was offered a chance to be dosed. Now I could relax! I eagerly accepted

This is my third day in the brand-new clinical unit and I am loving it, I won on the bingo hosted by the Quotient volunteer liaison officer and voice of the volunteers! These events are a great compliment to the unit – they pass the time & allow you to speak with volunteers from other wards – a real social event!

The food has been amazing, the staff are great and courteous, and it's refreshing to see smiling faces all around.  It’s a new menu since I was last in - the jacket potatoes with beans and cheese for lunch – winning!

Yes, I have had a few procedures done ECG, blood, and vitals but the peace of mind they give you to knowing that they are there to protect my well-being and health is always a bonus.

My mum passed away from bowel cancer and my dad has dementia and to know that what I do today will help future generations – is always bittersweet – if we all volunteered these medicines may be available quicker – volunteering at Quotient Sciences makes me feel proud.  The inconvenience allowance that you get for your time are amazing and just a bonus of the experience - it’s always a joy and a pleasure to visit Quotient Sciences.

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