Being dosed was a small part of our days, so our free time was catching up with Boxsets, making new friends and some much needed rest & relaxing.

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From Doubter to Committed in one clinical trial

My first time at Quotient Sciences was my first experience of any clinical trial – and I wasn’t disappointed, but pleasantly surprised!

Any apprehensions that I had before, have definitely been quashed.

I jumped in with both feet! A flash of the ‘We Need You’ on Facebook and my helpful nature kicked in.

One of my roles in the community is a full-time position working for my local council within the housing sector. My other role is that of a support worker for people with learning disabilities & Autism. My interest was immediately sparked by this statement on Facebook!

Application completed – screening ticked off – I was ready for the first of a possible 6 residential stays at Quotient’s clinic up in Nottingham. There was a three-hour car journey each way for me, but the travel allowance provided for each visit compensated me for the time and fuel costs.

The clinic has a new ‘wing’, (two new wards), and I was blown away with the facility. It is modern and spacious with high spec furnishings. The new activity area allows you to get fresh air while pursuing several in house activities

The canteen, the outdoor space and the power showers were everything I expected and more! Having the opportunity to discuss other trials helped me understand the various opportunities open to me. I found it reassuring that I was also able to talk to other volunteers who had been taking part for years and would volunteer on a regular basis.

The home cooked meal was a huge surprise. As a clinic I expected hospital food or sandwiches – but not only could I choose from three options for each meal, the addition of a dessert each night was a bonus!

Being dosed was a small part of our days, so our free time was catching up with Boxsets, making new friends and some much needed rest & relaxing. Being unable to switch off from work, being on site through the trials means not being able to physically be at work and that meant I could have total respite from my day to day life. Although many other volunteers bought in their laptops and were able to carry on working.

I have told acquaintances, friends and family about my decision to join the panel and some faces were pulled – but after talking with them and educating them, they then wanted Quotient’s details and they put their applications in too. When you refer a friend to take part in a Quotient trial you can receive up to £200 and you can refer as many people as you like!

I am already thinking about my next study. I have made some really good friends here and hope to jump on the next one before summer once my 3 month ‘washout’ period is done (on a trial not a friend!) and I’m checking the flights to somewhere hot – while the ice is barely melting still in February, it makes the early dosing (mornings) worth it!

If you want to know how to become a valued volunteer at Quotient Sciences – click the link and they really do Need You!

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