Hello, from the world of paid clinical trials!

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It's a chance to make new friends and hang out

 Just wanted to share my experience during my recent time on a 10-day paid clinical trial and to thank everyone involved.

 Time went surprisingly quickly as the days are well structured around time points, procedures and mealtimes – and apart from on the first day of dosing, there was a lot of free time to relax.

 It's a chance to make new friends and hang out, as everyone has a breathing space from the usual demands of modern life.

It's a great chance to meet folk from a totally different walk of life. There's a spacious TV room to relax in with an area for hot drinks. Some days there would be a quiz or bingo (l won a couple of gift vouchers) and a couple of times the group went out for a walk around the local scenic country park. I understand this is not always possible, but if they have the staff available, the clinic will try and arrange this for the group.

 The staff are professional, but they also have a warm human approach. Procedures are explained with any questions and needs accommodated.

 If you haven't done a trial before, l can reassure you that you are in good hands and encourage you to go for it.

 It has genuine world outcomes.

Many of the test medicines go on to help many who struggle with health issues - which is a good feeling to think you played a small part in things.

Also, the inconvenience allowance received for your time is obviously a big help personally – it helps pays for the little treats in life! As it happens, I'm writing this on a warm November morning besides the pool in Sri Lanka. 

 If you are wondering who else does these studies and why we do it – check out the community of volunteers

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