I have met so many nice people

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I recently completed a 41-day trial

In the few years that I have been doing medical trials at Quotient We Need You, I have been amply rewarded on many fronts.

Firstly, and most importantly to many, I get paid for my time when taking part.

Secondly, I have met so many nice people - the intimate proximity combined with many wonderful personalities.

I recently completed a 41-day trial which was challenging, yet I have never felt the need to express myself with any anger or resentment nor had to deal with others pent up frustrations. In general, people smile, get their heads down and wait for the end.

This is entirely helped by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff - constantly alert to others needs and always ready with a humorous quip to keep the day light. I would happily buy any of them a pint if I met them socially.

Thirdly, and most importantly to me, is the participation in medical research. It sounds trite, I know. My own situation, bluntly, is that my Mother was told she would not live past 40 (suffering from MS and kidney disease).

As a young teen this was news that I was not equipped nor counselled to handle. However, she is still going at 70 ish and more determined to wring every wonderful moment of life that she can. 
She takes nearly 30 pills a day - I have no doubt, that some of these have extended her life. It is the deep gratitude that I feel for those volunteers 30 plus years ago that compel me to be involved in this type of research - to me, they ARE heroes.
Never underestimate how heroic you could be too. It IS more than picking up a cheque on the way out. You can make immeasurable differences to people’s lives who are suffering; those who have dark days without hope for a healthy life. You can help ... and why wouldn't you?

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