I never really considered doing clinical trials until I found Quotient Sciences!

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Doing a clinical trial with Quotient Sciences

Hi! My name is Jak and I never really considered doing clinical trials until I found Quotient Sciences!

Whilst searching the internet and looking at ways of making some income which didn't necessarily require a continuous commitment, I stumbled across clinical trials. I found Quotient to be relatively nearby and they offered numerous trials of different length, giving me the flexibility to do as I felt, was right for me.

After I applied, I was invited by Quotient to an induction with the chance to go through how a trial is conducted and to ask any questions I had. They also showed me the facilities in order to give me an idea of where I would be staying if I was to do a medical trial. It was a fairly rainy and bleak day, which they DID NOT put in the invitation! But all the rain was forgiven due to the positivity of the rest of my experience. Once approved to go onto the Quotient volunteer panel,  I was then ready to roam their website in search of a trial that fitted my circumstance, they do also send an email for specific trials you’re eligible for. 

I decided to ring to register my interest in a clinical trial and was greeted by a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. We booked a screening appointment, which followed the trend of being a pleasant experience, and later I received a detailed document about the trial I was going to be taking part in. The document gave me all the information I could possibly need and also turned out to be a very interesting bed time reading. Everyone involved in the screening process was lovely and made me smile. The receptionist, the doctors and the nurses happened to all be wonderful too. 

Within a week, once all of my results and GP report had been received by Quotient, I received a phone call informing me that I had passed screening, and I was  confirmed for admission to the trial, along with some recommendations of what to bring with me for my time at Quotient and of course some restrictions that I had to comply with but nothing too tricky. 

The inconvenience allowance I received is continuing to give me the opportunity to follow my passions. It has allowed me to travel around the world, meet beautiful people, explore magical places and further my passions in music.

In all honesty, everyone on the trial was lovely and unique in their own way, making the experience diverse and interesting. I spent most days playing pool, bingo, quizzing, playing ping pong or just talking to the other volunteers. I have since recommended my dad to Quotient Sciences and received a payment for recommending him. To date he has completed 3 clinical trials himself and is looking to do more.

I took part in the trial due to the money I would receive, but it would be unfair to suggest that this is the only ‘reward’ you gain. The staff within Quotient are extremely lovely and they made me feel so welcome and treated me in such a caring way. I will be doing another medical trial in the future knowing I am playing my part in  research to help advance the world of medicine for those that need it and make this world a better place - for me, this is the reason I volunteer at Quotient.  I feel like part of the family & I can’t wait to return.

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