Doing studies at Quotient has taken me around the world

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Joanne tells us about her journey with Quotient and her travels around the world

Doing studies at Quotient has taken me around the world - Orlando, New York, Las Vegas & Europe

Hi I’m Jo, I have been taking part in clinical trials with Quotient Sciences since 2010. It’s a great way to meet people from all walks of life - plus the allowance goes a long way to making a difference to your own personal life.

I’m fascinated with the work that has been done to find new medicines to help people with health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and asthma. I like to think that one day, my contribution to clinical trials will help future generations live longer and have a better quality of life.

It’s really easy to find trials on Quotient’s website just by adding your age, gender and whether you are a non-smoker or not. Once inside the clinic, you are allocated a bed in a ward which is not too dissimilar to being in a hospital ward – minus the patients.

Once you arrive at the Unit, you have a general health check - blood pressure, heart rate and a few other simple tests. There are lots of activities to help keep you entertained throughout your stay such as pool tables, games consoles, daily newspapers, table tennis, a dart board, bingo, crafting, movies and weekly quizzes. They have Sky television in all of the lounges too – what more could you ask for.

Time really does fly once you are settled in. The longest study I have done lasted 8 days but there are some that can last  longer depending on how much time you have available. There really is something to suit everybody. The staff, both in screening and the clinic, are lovely and after a while you get to build up a rapport with them. You know you’ve been participating in these trials for a while when they start calling you by your first name (without looking at the board first!)

The days when you are dosing are hectic and you can be confined to your bed area for a while, but this does calm down during the day and you can go back to chilling out, catching up with work or simply doing your own thing.

Nothing is ever too much trouble at Quotient, everyone from the nursing staff, volunteer liaison,  the medical team, the cleaning staff, to the chefs that prepare your meals daily - they are all there to make your stay a pleasant one.

I think in total, I have taken part in around 12 clinical trials over the years (my husband also) and the allowances received have taken us to many places including Orlando, New York, Las Vegas and many city breaks around Europe.

I hope to continue my journey with Quotient – let’s see where it takes me next. Why not apply today and see where your journey takes you.

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