Count your blessings my girl

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Sally has just completed her first clinical trial with Quotient

I have just completed my first clinical trial with Quotient. I didn’t know anything about them at first but I kept seeing We Need You adverts on Facebook and after they popped up several times, I eventually decided to give Quotient a call to find out more.

I booked in for an induction, thinking “Sal what are you doing?”, but after learning more about clinical research, I found it all very interesting. I could be a part of the development of new drugs that may help people.

I watched my mum, then my son and now my grandson suffer with asthma and I wanted to see if I could help in any way. The staff were very informative and there was absolutely no pressure from them. Prior to taking part, I was given a health check to make sure that I was fit and well (which I would not have had otherwise).

Some of my friends were very sceptical about me taking part but I felt safe at all times. The staff at Quotient were great and friendly, from the doctors and nurses to the loveliest chef.

Before I started the clinical trial, I did not appreciate the in-depth work and tireless testing that went into the medication we all take for granted. I can honestly say that I feel grateful to all those other volunteers in the past that participated in trials of the medicines that my loved ones have needed.

I met some lovely people, made new friends, had a rest and hopefully in a very small way may have helped with medicines of the future.

I am definitely looking forward to my next clinical trial. My Nan used to say “count your blessings my girl” and I do.  I’m blessed with my health and strength - so I can help those that are not so fortunate. You never know - it may be me one day that will be in need of these medicines.

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