How you benefit from taking part

Sam: It really is an all-rounder experience and something I will definitely do again!

Advantages of taking part in a clinical trial

There are lots of advantages to taking part in a clinical trial at Quotient Sciences – knowing that you are helping develop the medicines of the future, giving up your time to help others, a free comprehensive health check as part of your screening for the trial and getting paid for your time. You will also get to relax amongst a group of like-minded people – in the last year alone we worked with over 1,000 dosed volunteers from all sorts of backgrounds – from firemen and accountants to students, social workers, nurses and cabin crew. You will also be able to enjoy being looked after in our state-of-the-art facilities with a selection of films, television and games to choose from, and all of your meals prepared for you.

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Your screening and health check

Comprehensive health check

The health check you receive is a great opportunity to check on your well-being. It involves a thorough physical examination, recording your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate; a check of your heart function, and both blood and urine samples will be taken. And it goes without saying that if we pick up anything that might be of concern, however slight, we will tell both you and your GP in case they want to check anything out in more detail.

Medical screening FAQs

Cara: We’ve been travelling around the world, little steps at a time!

Your payment and travel allowance

You will receive payment for taking part in a clinical trial*. The amount you receive will vary from trial to trial depending on its length, number of overnight stays and the number of return visits. As a minimum, for each trial you take part in you will receive at least £200 per day as well as a travel allowance to attend the clinic. Your payment is tax exempt but depending on your personal circumstances, part of this payment may be taxable if it exceeds the allowance threshold set by HMRC. Participants are reminded that they are responsible for their own tax affairs. If you are receiving benefits you should check with your benefits provider whether payments from clinical trials will affect them. You will get payment details and lots of information about what will happen in the trial in the informed consent document which we will send you when we book you onto a trial.

* An independent Ethics Committee will agree the amount you are paid depending on the type of trial and the inconvenience involved.

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Maximise your social and leisure time

We have a dedicated Volunteer Liaison Officer to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. They collect your feedback, progress any actions and keep you entertained throughout your stay with weekly quizzes and bingo to get your brain going. You can also relax with TV, our DVD library, games room with Xboxes; and a wide range of books, magazines and newspapers. Alternatively, if you prefer socialising, you can chat to other volunteers, play various board games or take part in pool tournaments. We think you will enjoy staying here, and if you are a student, you will find it the perfect place to catch up on studying. Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet with you, as we have free Wi-Fi in the clinic.

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I found myself playing pool, table tennis, board games, having film nights. I made close friends with volunteers and even overcame my fear for needles and became very interested in the actual medical side behind the trials and the staff who work there.

Yasmine from Shropshire