Why I love doing Clinical Trials for Quotient!

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A Grandmother and a medical pioneer.

Hiya, I am a 63-year-old mother and Grandmother and a medical pioneer.

I worked for the NHS for many years and took early retirement to help look after my Grandchildren, as I think the early years with them are so precious.

I started doing trials for a different company and after several years they folded but sent me a letter with alternative companies. The nearest to me at the time was Quotient Sciences and I have never looked back. The staff are so caring and helpful they soon become friends.

I started to take part in trials, and still do, to help advance either new medicines, or alternative ways of them being administered. The other big reason for me was the payment you receive.

 I love having time to do things I enjoy whilst in the clinic, for example, watching movies, boxsets, reading books – just generally recharging my batteries and not having to cook or clean is also a huge, huge plus!

I have mainly spent the payment I receive for taking part in trials on holidays, the likes of which I would never be able to save for. I have been on multiple Cruises and international travelling with no expense spared.

I always recommend family and friends to Quotient and I am always open and honest about doing them. I have sometimes seen the look of concern on some of their faces, but always explain that they have been completely safe and enjoyable knowing you are helping better the lives of others. You are closely monitored and would pay a small fortune for the health checks you get from Quotient.

Because I’ve been taking part for over 30 years, I have met many people and it is lovely when you return and there are people you have done trials with before. Everyone is so friendly, and we do have a laugh while we are in there.  It’s funny how within 24 hours of arriving we all talk about food, jobs, kids and back to food again – discussing what we have ordered off the fantastic menu!

The food at Quotient is fantastic and really filling - most trials offer you a really good choice such as a healthy breakfast, scrummy lunch and a hearty evening meal, plus it always tastes better when you don’t have to cook or do the dishes after!

Whilst on a trial I do the things I have already mentioned, but one time when I was there, I wrote all my Christmas cards - what a great use of time, and something I hate having to do at home as it takes so long.

When I was working and doing trials, they fitted in well as you can choose which ones fit your schedule and personal life. One trial I took part in was for 10 days, it was one of the best trials I have ever done as we had a great group who all got on and I spent so much time laughing  - we now have a WhatsApp group together. I am still friends with them on Facebook after many years.

Without volunteering I wouldn’t have all the fantastic memories of traveling or have the great friendship groups I have now but more importantly, without volunteering, we wouldn’t have the advances in medicine that we have now.

If you’ve read this and you are interested in becoming a part of the volunteer community, why not apply?

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