Quotient Sciences is the best clinical trial place of Mainland Britain!

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I genuinely feel safe around Quotient Sciences.

I have already recommended Quotient Sciences to several people!

Hi, I am a guy who lives for his hobbies and at the same time, loves to do his bit to promote science by doing clinical trials. It was a family friend who told me about Quotient Sciences and ever since I am in love with this organisation and its very competent staff members.

I genuinely feel safe around them. I have done clinical trials elsewhere but Quotient is still my favourite. To the best of my knowledge, nobody else has a courtyard and a table tennis table. You can literally breath fresh air while doing a long study every day here - this is almost impossible at other places.

To reiterate an earlier point, I participate in clinical studies to promote science and help mankind. This may sound cliched and untrue, but I really hope the scientists can find proper cures for all the deadly diseases out there before me and all the people I know, end up suffering from one of them.

I am choosing to be proactive here and I really hope whoever is reading this would do their bit to do the same. Besides, the allowance helps in dealing with at least some of life’s unexpected expenses.

 I have already recommended Quotient Sciences to several people in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I have also made many friends while doing clinical trials and this provided me the opportunity to get accustomed to the different accents of various regions of Britain etc.

 The food menu at Quotient is seasonal and it’s great that the summer months are light and tasty – and when the winter draws in volunteers can look forward to tagine and pies! It lets volunteers have several options to choose from. I specifically love their desserts even though I don't have a sweet tooth.

When I am doing a clinical trial, I like to spend the maximum amount of my time chilling with other volunteers, playing table tennis, Connect 4. Watching movies with other volunteers is also fun.

 It’s a really important hobby of mine – helping to save the world! Please do click weneedyou.co.uk to see if you can lend a hand too!

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