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Clinical trial at Quotient Sciences

Hi, my name is Mark, I am a family man and I’ve been with my partner for 3 years. I do these clinical trials to finance the nicer things in life, like a holiday in Lanzarote at Christmas, visiting lots of lovely restaurants and it gives us financial security.

For my latest trial, my partner and I chatted about how we would miss one another as it was quite a long 35 day study and a long time for me to be away from the family.

After passing all prior screening and COVID tests; I said my farewells in the carpark, entered the unit, and signed in. As I entered the building it was like being with family again, I recognised quite a few friendly faces and there were many new ones.

The first two days were a constant buzz of activity, with some tests and assessments all done to make sure I was still fit, healthy and, more importantly, to make sure I am safe.

 Third day in and it's the BIG D Day!! Dosing day.

 I feel very settled in by this point, I’ve had my breakfast, had some blood tests taken and safety checks completed before and after dosing and now the rest of the day was mine - so I move around my Ward and get to know everyone; I must point out I am pretty outgoing and chatty.

I was able to find out what activities where on in the clinic during my stay such as movie Mondays and had a quick catch up with the clinic’s Volunteer Liaison Officer - who is a real ambassador for the company, helping volunteers any with any queries, collecting your washing for long studies and much more.

The thing I like about this place is the people are amazing, always helpful and considerate. The Liaison Officer will answer any questions or concerns you have or will find somebody who can; it gives great peace of mind and they honestly make it fun and entertaining.

I love the routine of breakfast, dosing, vitals then time to chill, lunch, then more chilling. You can call people, face time, WhatsApp with the free WIFI. If you fancy some ‘you time’ you can chill and watch TV or movies on Netflix, catch up on the News, play FIFA on the Xbox or simply enjoy the board games, puzzles or jigsaws. I personally watch movies and boxsets on Show Box.

It’s been really quiet nice listening to what people are planning to do with their payment they are receiving. For me it's paying for the finer things in life for myself and my lady, and lots of people use theirs to go on holiday and even taking long back packing trips for several months.

Thank you for listening and if you have spare time, currently not working, or would like to be a part of the solution in a world full of medical problems, have a gander at – a chance to meet amazing people and help medicine advance by being a paid volunteer. Don't miss an opportunity to enrich what you already have, good luck, and maybe I might just bump into you on my next study with Quotient Sciences.

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