A veteran volunteer at Quotient for over 10 years

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A veteran volunteer at Quotient 10 years +

I thought it was about time I wrote something about Quotient Sciences and my experience of doing clinical trials. I’m always asked the reasons why I choose to do trials so here are a few of my reasons.  

I volunteer for a number of reasons, firstly after losing my father, mother and brother to cancer plus my only grandson to a heart condition, I can't help but look back and think what if there could have been tablets or medicine out there, developed by pharmaceutical companies? I like the fact that I can leave a legacy that I, Sean from the UK, may have helped so many people’s lives with illnesses and able to live a longer, more enhanced life.

I really do believe there has never been a safer time to volunteer. You are so closely monitored, especially after dosing with the test medicine, as you are put at ease straight away. The slightest adverse event, even a minor headache, is noted by the staff immediately and doctors check you over straight away and you're flagged up to be monitored even more closely.

 So how did my volunteering journey begin?

 I was appearing on a BBC documentary called Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 years where the cameras followed my family and I over a 2 year period where we endeavoured to pay off our mortgage in 2 years by doing things other than our current jobs and also ways of saving money.

The then presenter had just written a book of money saving tips and finding ways to make money, one of which was to take part in Clinical Trials - this hit home straight away and I got very excited by the thought.

I was, at the time, working in a bank but already planned to resign and go back to being self-employed. Although we never paid off the mortgage we saved £36,000 which was rather good considering I quit my "safe job" and chose to become self-employed.

 What is it like to be a volunteer at Quotient?

 I was recommended to Quotient by a friend over 10 years ago and now I know so many volunteers that do clinical trials with Quotient. Some volunteers have been to other clinical research companies previously, but found that Quotient Sciences has a real community feel with the staff being extremely helpful, the doctors and nurses very professional and the facilities better than elsewhere.

 I've met and have had some great laughs with so many wonderful staff and volunteers over the years, I am still in touch with volunteers I made friends with all those years ago.

I believe Quotient go above and beyond to make our experience as pleasant as it can be and the food alone is a really nice hearty meal selection.

The lounges are comfortable and well equipped, you have everything you need from books, board games, magazines, Sky TV and X-Boxes.

 Thanks to the inconvenience allowances I have received from doing Clinical trials at Quotient I've had so many amazing holidays, not least my wife's 40th birthday present with a multi trip to Las Vegas, Hawaii and San Francisco.

I will continue to volunteer with Quotient and helping to develop medicines for the future. It takes minutes to see if you’re eligible for the healthy volunteer panel and if you want to become a part of the Quotient community visit www.weneedyou.co.uk

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