Not all medical heroes wear a cape – some of us wear an army uniform….

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Not all medical heroes wear a cape

Hi, I’m Mark. I have been volunteering with Quotient Sciences for 8 years and I try and do a couple of clinical studies a year. It’s a personal treat to be a volunteer at Quotient, from the screening appointment to the admission day, it feels great to have some ME time!

Whilst at Quotient, it’s a great time to catch up with old friends and even make new ones. The staff are fantastic and even though some studies can feel like an interruption to binge watching Netflix when having bloods and procedures done, you do get used to it in a matter of hours.

There is a variety of food on the menu and its always the highlight of my stay. You get real home-cooked food that is delivered to you with no washing up - plus there is always pudding, so it feels like a treat every day.

You can usually eat in a lounge of your choice or at a table in one of the communal areas, allowing you to have the option of a having a relaxing meal for one with your ‘TV date’ or have a sociable meal with your new friends.

You can play board games, watch TV or a film, read a book or better still a bit of competitive quizzing with the group and they’re just a few of the amazing highlights for me.

I work part time as a taxi driver and a serve as a soldier with the Royal Logistics Corp in Southampton. These part-time roles give me the flexibility to be able to choose the studies that suit me.

I am also a dad of two, with a son in his 20s and a young daughter who is 10 and after my stay, I use the money I receive to help fund regular city breaks and fun surprises with the family!

Doing a trial with Quotient is a no brainer. Receiving payments whilst also contributing towards advancing medical science is a great feeling, whether it’s making new friends catching up on a new book, studying or binge-watching Netflix, I will always keep on coming back to Quotient Sciences year after year.

Take care Quotient Buddies and see you soon… Quick march!

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