We found love on a clinical trial

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Emma & James: how their trial turned to love

We found love on a clinical trial - Take that next step, do a study with Quotient – it really might change your life!

I decided to do a clinical trial purely because I thought it would be a good way to get paid some extra money. I never thought about how good it would be, making new friends and finding time to relax.

On my first day on the trial at Quotient I got talking to three people who I had never met, who were playing a game of Monopoly. Halfway through the game another person came up and asked if he could join, little did I know that he would turn out to be my soulmate! 

We all got talking and throughout the first two-night stay our little gang of five did everything together. We talked lots and got to know each other really well. We left after our first visit with each other’s contact details and I knew I was already looking forward to my next visit to the clinic to see all of my new friends again.

James (the late comer to the monopoly game) at the time was living quite close to me and offered to take me to Quotient for our second visit. I remember getting in his car for the first time. He put his iPod on shuffle, the first song that came on was slightly awkward; it was Marvin Gaye's “Let’s Get It On”. However we had a good laugh about it! It was amazing how I had only known this guy for a matter of days and how relaxed we were already feeling around each other. We ended up singing like idiots for the rest of the car journey – à la Car Share!!

Going back to Quotient was great. Our little gang came back together and hung out in the lounge watching TV, playing games and chatting about nonsense. James liked to make fun of me at lunch times because we all had certain times when we were allowed to eat because of the trial schedule. His meal was served 40 minutes after mine. Somehow he always finished before me (I am a slow eater as I like to taste my food, not inhale it!) After the two-night stay we all went our separate ways again until the last visit.

Yet again James picked me up for our final trip to Quotient, but this time we arrived far too early so we decided to take a walk around Rushcliffe Country Park, which is on Quotient’s doorstep. There was a children’s playground and, as it was so early in the morning there was no one around, we behaved like kids and played on the swings and slides; it was so much fun! However I felt a little sad inside because I knew after this visit all of my new friends, who lived quite far away, would be going their separate ways, and James would be going back to University so I’d be miles away from him and the others.

We made our way to Quotient slightly covered in mud from playing on a wet playground, but that was fine since we liked to live in our pyjamas whilst on the trial...like I said earlier...nice and relaxing! Over the next two nights our little gang watched films and played pool and table tennis. It felt like we were a little family and I personally hadn't had the chance to have this much fun and relax like this in such a long time. I think I had let life get in the way of things before this but it really is strange and amazing just how much this trial changed my life.

After our final night was over we all said goodbye to the staff, who were absolutely brilliant and so friendly. We said goodbye to each other, having already arranged a night out to meet up in a few weeks’ time. I felt so sad leaving after having such a great time but James soon cheered me up by showing me that he had a big bar of chocolate in his car ready to share now that we were all done and allowed caffeine again!

This adventure happened in August to September 2013. James and I now share a beautiful home in North Yorkshire, we are engaged and are expecting our first baby in May; it’s a girl! Every day since my time at Quotient I have had fun and laughed and never let life get in the way of anything.

After all these years I am still madly head over heels...’butterflies in the belly’ in love with James. Deciding to do that clinical trial really has changed my whole life and I dread to think how miserable and dull everything could have been if I hadn't taken a chance and applied to Quotient.

What’s stopping you – have a look online and apply today. It really could change your life.

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