It’s been a real pleasure to participate in a clinical trial at Quotient

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Joshua from Derby - 'It’s been a real pleasure to do a clinical trial at Quotient, with the friendly staff'

I first noticed Quotient Sciences when I was passing the time away on a sunny Sunday afternoon, scrolling through Facebook when an advert came up on my screen with the words 'We Need You'. No, it wasn’t Uncle Sam on a war time recruitment poster, but an opportunity to take part in a clinical trial. As my curiosity grew stronger and my eyes were drawn to the allowance I could receive, I simply clicked and applied and was soon booked in for an appointment.

At my first screening appointment, I was greeted by a smiling receptionist who politely asked me to take a seat. As part of my appointment, I was invited into a room by a doctor who simply asked me the obvious health questions - and I also had some questions burning on my brain too. For example, I wanted to know what impact taking part in clinical trials might have on my health. After the doctor had dealt with my endless amount of questions, he reassured me that clinical trials are not as difficult as I’d thought and many of the products Quotient develops are already available on the market.

My mind was now at ease, and I was ready to get stuck in. A few days later I received a phone call explaining that I was eligible for the trial and  was invited to be at Quotient’s Ruddington base at 8am sharp the following Monday for admission. As I arrived, you guessed it... I was greeted again by another lovely receptionist who kindly let me through the door and instructed me to take my first left into the clinic. The nurses were very welcoming as they had me sat on my bed and went ahead with all the appropriate admission tests whilst talking me through it the whole time - because I’m not ashamed to admit... me and needles do not always go well. Afterwards, I was allowed to relax and await further notice.

The facilities at Quotient Sciences are fantastic - flat screen TVs with Sky, Xbox, pool tables and table tennis. I was living in this fantastic world where I could be a kid all over again with all the entertainment available. But wait... it gets better, fantastic facilities and great nurses aside, you are provided with 3 healthy meals a day as well - and let me tell you, they were all wonderfully appetising. To give you a clearer example of the food provided, one evening I was served a hunters chicken, wrapped succulently in crispy bacon, lathered in thick gravy. All this seemed too good to be true and I was waiting for the catch. However, there was no catch at all and after I was dosed, I was again asked to kick back and relax and do what I wanted essentially.

It’s been a real pleasure to do a clinical trial at Quotient, with the friendly staff and great facilities. To sum up, I would highly recommend Quotient Sciences.

I said I would only do one clinical trial and that would be it. However due to my wonderful experience, (thanks Quotient Sciences!), as soon as my 3 month wash out period is over, I’ll be back and ready to do it all over again. 

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