Time is relative – my experience on a clinical trial

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Berni from Nottingham recommends taking part in clinical trials with Quotient

With an interest in life sciences, I have always been intrigued about the development of drugs from concept, to market. Living in Nottingham, I had regularly heard radio adverts for Quotient Sciences with a tagline “We Need You” and decided to investigate further. I was very surprised at how simple the online application was and after a short induction visit; I was placed on the list of volunteers for clinical trials.

Soon after, I selected a trial in which I wanted to participate, and was invited for a screening visit. This process is wholly comprehensive, covering all aspects of our trial visits. What is expected of the volunteers, and what we can expect from Quotient. We also toured the wards so we could experience the environment, which is very comfortable indeed. I had not participated in any other clinical studies so it was good to know the ground rules. Admission is orderly, during which, vital signs, ECG and blood samples are taken. Dosing commonly happens 1-2 days after admission.

“Time is relative”, so said Albert Einstein. Well, there is a lot of free time for volunteers and luckily there is also a lot to occupy that free time during a stay. A number of lounges with TVs, pool and snooker tables, video games consoles, quizzes and competitions, lots to read or time to just kick back and relax in bed during your entire stay. It’s handy to have a laptop, phone or tablet to watch films or listen to music. Time is relevant to Quotient too, the staff are superb, always helpful and informative, and as events happen, it's timed to high precision, sometimes to the second, like dosing and taking observations at regular intervals. It is a very professional set up.

The food is fantastic, there is plenty of choice and portion sizes are generous, if you are not on a restricted intake trial. Decaffeinated hot and cold drinks are freely available during the day, just help yourself. The clinic is situated in a business park, but has an idyllic Rushcliffe Country Park just next door with fabulous views and beautiful wild life.

During my recent clinical trials, fewer observations were taken 24 hours after dosing, so I had even more free time the following days. Naturally, we talk to our fellow volunteers, and typically, we discuss how we intend to spend the money at the end of the trial. Most of us use these funds for regular holidays or home improvements. We also compare conditions and rewards at other clinical trial companies.

Quotient consistently shines out as the best clinical research organisation when I have asked other people to compare different experiences. Even my son and daughter want to participate, which will boost their student finances and I can receive a referral for recommending them to Quotient. These studies are perfect for under-graduates if they can be co-ordinated with University timetables. I have seen many students during my visits to Quotient.

When I discuss my study participation with friends, they are always keen to find out more. They want to know about the conditions, restrictions and financial rewards and I give a positive response to all of these questions.

Quotient has it all… Excellent staff, fantastic food, a big choice of studies, relaxing conditions, great rewards, did I mention excellent staff and fantastic food! For those reasons, I will be an active volunteer for Quotient for years to come.

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