I really do look forward to coming on a trial as I can have some quality ‘me time’ to both relax and study

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Louise, 47, currently waiting to start her trial

My name is Louise. I am 47 years young and I am writing this while currently volunteering on a clinical trial. This is the third trial I have done to date and I hope one of many more to come!

We go about our everyday lives as we should without worrying what could happen if we or our loved ones became unwell. As a trained nurse myself, I am conscious that people’s lives and families can be deeply affected in every way by illness.

Like most people, I did not appreciate the complexities of bringing drugs to the stage where they can be marketed, but being a volunteer has definitely made me more aware of how incredibly rigorous that process is.

That is why I am so pleased to be associated with the advancement of drug therapies here at Quotient, by being a volunteer. It’s a great way of giving something back to society and a bonus to be paid for it too! I genuinely feel really proud to think that I, and my fellow volunteers, are helping in this process. It could after all be me or my loved ones needing those drug therapies in the future!

I have come across people who are sceptical about the prospect of becoming a volunteer, but my response to them is  ‘without healthy volunteers’ drugs would not advance to benefit people who desperately require them’.

I work part time in a residential home and I am studying for my return to a nursing practice course at university. I am currently on day two of an eight day residential stay clinical study and I am writing my dissertation on patient safety. This is an area in which I feel very passionate.

I really do look forward to coming on a trial as I can have some quality ‘me time’ to both relax and study. I also don’t have to cook for myself and I am not distracted by housework! The food is fantastic here and I feel so well looked after. I have made friends with several other volunteers and we keep in contact about forthcoming trials so we can do them together!

I feel extremely safe here. The nurses, technicians and doctors are highly professional and reassuring. I have been ineligible for a previous trial due to my medical history and the tight parameters of the specific study which made me feel very reassured. That said, the screening process is very rigorous. Where else would you get paid for what is effectively having a health screening? It is clear that my health, wellbeing and safety are always put first. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come forward and volunteer. You won’t look back…go for it!

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