A residential stay over 17 nights with just one return appointment

QCL117903 Part E Group 3

This trial will look at how the test medicine is taken up by the body when taken by mouth. The medicine has been given to people already in earlier groups for this trial.


£3,460 plus travel allowances

Volunteer Profile

  • Healthy adults aged 18 - 55
  • Women must be post-menopausal or surgically sterilised
  • Not smoked/had any nicotine in the last 12 months
  • BMI between 18 - 32

Schedule information

Screening visit

Monday 11th,Tuesday 12th or Wednesday 13th November

An appointment with a doctor & nurse lasting approx 4 hours

Residential visit

Friday 6th - Monday 23rd December

A 17 night stay in our unit

Return Visit

Monday 13th January

Appointment with a doctor & nurse lasting around 1 hour

Please make sure you are available on all dates before applying

You must not:

  • Have taken part in a clinical trial within the past three months
  • Have donated blood in the three months before the start of the trial
  • Be on a course of medication if considering this trial